For this task i had to go on to the Wikipedia website, search random article and use the 5th word from the 5th line to interpret my images. The word i got was ‘First’ 

24th September
Task – Interpret ‘First’

The word ‘First’ reminds me of buses. This is because of the bus company i use on a daily basis. They are not very reliable but unfortunately they are what i depend upon. I usually travel from Leeds to Bradford using the bus company. Therefore i am going to document this word within Bradford. To interpret this word i am going to walk around the city of Bradford and photograph the different styles/destinations/numbers of buses to show they are a countrywide organisation and travel to many different areas. This is so i can document a way in which i travel and express it to others.I am going to achieve this in an afternoon as i can walk around from college locally in to the city centre and explore where the buses go.


P1010854 P1010857 P1010862 P1010868 P1010873 P1010876

I planned to shoot my images from different angles to represent the different destination of each bus and the model of the bus. However throughout my shoot i struggled with a few problems because of light/focus/movement of subject. Because of these problems i struggled to capture fully all the different styles of buses and all the destinations as the information on the buses disappeared due to the light.

I was disappointed by this as i havent managed to create the message i wanted of great distant travel instead i have created a more non-reliability of the buses . Therefore I’ve created a more negative than positive set of images. In the future i will re-shoot this and create a more positive set of images that reflects on the bus company and show how helpful they are and how good it is to travel with them to different places within the country.


P1010852 P1010855 P1010872P1010874


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