Interpretation of Sources

On Monday 23rd i used the library to pick out three non-lens based images to which i would re-create as my own interpretation in a secluded area of a car park at Bradford college. For this task i will have to use my whole imagination in order to succeed.

Richard Lacroix, Brisc Marine, 1963
Richard Lacroix, Brisc Marine, 1963
My interpretation

I chose this original image by Lacroix because of the colour and texture of the image. The brightness of the blue and the grains of the image stood out to me because they are bright and captivating to look at. I wanted to keep the colour and texture within my image as that is what i loved about the original. I looked around my secluded area and discovered the blue shutter. When i looked closer i realised i could create a texture similar but more modern to my image. I find my image very sharp and bright. Capturing the essence of the original.

Helen Phillips, Structure, Etching, 1962
Helen Phillips, Structure, Etching, 1962
My interpretation.
My interpretation.

Phillip’s image captured my eye due to the shape of the image. I found the movement created throughout the image fascinating as there’s no beginning, middle or end however there is a big key point within the image that draws you to it, its centre, the circle. As soon as i looked at this image i wanted to re-create that round etching shape on my image.
I found this graffiti on a metal container, as soon as i looked at it, the roundness of the strokes captured my eye. The shape of the centre piece of art surrounded by the beginnings and end brought the image to live in my head. The depth of field makes the images focus specific and cut off due to there been no added background, just the art itself.

Jane Wege, Post contact journey I, 1981, oil canvas
Jane Wege, Post contact journey I, 1981, oil canvas
My interpretation.
My interpretation.

Finally my third source stood out to me because of the colours and levels used within the painting. I was drawn to how Wege, created a mysterious piece by using similar subjects in different sizes and styles to create a joined piece of work. I wanted to re-create this using the similar colour and style of 3 different sized objects and mounting them together to create one. I did this using three different sized cones. I stood them on top and against each other to create the different levels of height like in the original image. However i didn’t feel like id added enough of the colour or grittiness of the image therefore i focused the image in front of a rusty tip. The scratching of the tip added a great colour effect to the depth of field to my image.

Overall i am proud of my interpretations. I believe they express my own story of the originals and bring them to live in a more modern time. However in the future if i were to do this shoot again i would like to use more technical skills in order to create a more precise image just like the paintings and etchings.
I enjoyed doing this task as it made me think on the spot and start to imagine things in a different way. It made me test my strengths and realised that you have to make the most of what you’ve got in front of you not what you want in front of you but because of this i think my interpretations are more personal and different because of the lack of ground to cover the shoot in.


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