ISO/ASA Practice

From  this brief i had to demonstrate an understanding of how manipulating ISO affects an images aesthetic. For this task i focused on one object in this case it is a skip. I wanted to see what each ISO setting  (also changed with aperture and shutter speed) created the best set of images. I ran down from 1600, 800, 400, 200 to 100. For each ISO setting i shot in each whole aperture shot, f22 f16 f11 f8 f5.6 i then also changed the shutter speed. I managed to get 5 images for each ISO setting as the camera i was using (canon d450)  only managed to work to f5.6. Overall these were my results

ISO          Aperture          

                         5.6                8                11                16                22

100               1/160         1/1000       1/80           1/40           1/40

200               1/400         1/200         1/160        1/100          1/80

400              1/1000        1/400         1/400       1/200          1/168

800               1/2000        1/800         1/640        1/400         1/320

1600             1/4000         1/2000      1/640        1/640         1/800

As you can see highlighted what i believe to be my best results and worst results from the test shoot.  Below are pictures from each of those shoots, the first image is from ISO 200 f5.6 1/400 the second image is from ISO 1600 f5.6 1/4000. As you can see between the images, ISO 1600 is far to over exposed meaning that the sensitivity within the image was too much, however the ISO 200 is the correct exposure and the sensitivity of the images is also correct. Because of this you can see that using the correct ISO can manipulate the image to look perfect. Due to the sensitivity of the film and the correct exposure.


f5.6 1/400 200 ISO
200 ISO
f5.6 1/4000 1600 ISO
1600 ISO

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