Shutter Speed Practice

I was also asked to demonstrate that i understand how manipulating an images using different shutter speeds affects an images aesthetic. In order to do this i focused on a moving target. As i was in a secluded area again i decided to use the trees as it was slightly windy that day. I also decided to change the aperture as well as the shutter speed in this test shoot. I found this test quite hard and do need to re-visit and practice, however here were my results

Shutter Speed          Aperture

1/1000                               5.6
1/500                                 5.6
1/250                                 5.6
1/125                                 5.6
1/30                                   5.6
1/15                                   8
1/8                                     11
1/4                                     16
1″3                                      22

I found this shoot hard as it was difficult to see the result i produced, i am going to re-practice this shoot with a tripod and focus on only changing the shutter speed not the aperture to see if the result i produce helps me to fully understand how shutter speeds work. However the images below show how manipulation of the shutter speed affects the images aesthetic. As you can see the first image is on a low shutter speed of 1″3 (1 equivalent on camera used) and because of this the image is extremely blurred and out of focus, however in the second image the shutter speed is much faster at 1/125 and has produced a much sharper, more focused, still images even though at the time the tree was moving. From this i have discovered that a faster shutter speed reacts the more control over the duration of exposure.

f5.6 1/30
f22 1/3

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