Techniques and Process 1A – Aperture Practice with bright colours

Thursday 24th October (See Outcome 1, page 20)

What have i done? (what were the aims of the activity i have undertaken?)

I set myself a task of re-shooting bright, colourful objects focusing on aperture practice of f4,f5.6,f8. I was reading through ‘Digital Camera’ Magazine and saw a suggestion of taking photos using bright colours, i thought this looked fun and interesting and would be a good way in order for me to practice using the Manuel setting of aperture on my Nikon D3200.I gathered the colourful objects i had around me, Tub of sweets, bag of straws, flowers, pile of sticky notes and a packet of paper clips.

What have i got from it? (did i achieve my aims? What knowledge have i gained? How/What is the evidence of this?)

Using all these objects i set them up in artistic formats. I focused my camera and managed to create some great depth of field. I now understand that the aperture has an impact of the depth of field within an image, the larger the fstop, f32 more the foreground and background will be in focus  whereas smaller the fstop f4, will isolate the foreground making it sharp and the background blurry. I managed to achieve this by using f4 and f5.6 for the images i shot. However for some of the images i captured using different angles i struggled to focus properly, i need to practice with my camera shake but for the images which i used a make-shift tripod for (my desk) i managed to capture some fun, interesting images.

What’s next? (do you need to develop this further? Can you improve your results? Can the results be carried in to your work? Was the activity a dead-end?)

From this self-set task i have released that even though i have a better understanding of aperture in relation to depth of field i also need to practice in to using the larger fstops and seeing the affect first hand properly against the lower fstops in order to develop my understanding even further. In order to improve my results i need to become equipped with a tripod and work on my camera shake as many of my images are out of focus, a tripod will help me with this as it allows me to focus more on focusing the image, setting the aperture, shutter speed and ISO rather than whether i’m still or not. However i can now use this technique within my work now i understand the affect it has upon an image, this will help me create stronger images. I found this self-set task extremely useful and i am defiantly going to have another practice.

Here are some of the good and bad images which i shot…

7d2687b7-9f20-4474-8587-e1cc32424f6b c73b6dae-84c9-40eb-b9dd-5cfa2bbf2c48 DSC_0764 re DSC_0787 re DSC_0796 re DSC_0817 re DSC_0837 re DSC_0839 re DSC_0866-Copy DSC_0875 re DSC_0877 re DSC_0888 re


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