Techniques and Process – Studio Demo Day – Task 5

Monday 28th October 

What have i done? ( what were the aims of the activity under taken?)

Today i had to use different light ratio set ups in the studio to portray 10 different  portrait expressions. I had to act like a professional and control the mode and people around me, asking and putting them how and where i needed them. I had to use a light meter to figure out the correct exposure and ratios using different set ups.

What have i got from it? (did i achieve my aims? What knowledge have i gained? How/What is evidence of this?)

I really enjoyed this activity and have gained a lot from it. I managed to capture the 10 different expressions using 4 of the set ups. At first it was difficult to fully understand what you needed to use extra for each set up, for instance i re-shot in 2 of the set ups because of this. However using extra reflectors and positioning the lights differently created a dramatic difference between the images.
I found the light meter easy and straight forward to use, however due to my camera been set up differently i did have to differentiate against the aperture given by half or a third of a stop.
I now have a clearer understanding of what different light reflectors add to an image and when to use which ones. I also have a clearer understanding of how ratios work and why we use them as they add a greater depth and atmosphere to the image. It was also good experience of been in control and positioning the model how i wanted them.

What’s next? (do i need to develop this further? Can i improve my results? Can the results be carried in to my work? Was the activity a dead-end?)

I want to practice more in the studio to become fully confident and not to have to think about what lighting to use, i want to be able to just act. I believe more practice will help me to improve the amount of quality images i produce in the studio so that i am not having to look through hundreds of shots. Once i am more confident i am going to apply these skills and techniques in to my portfolio work and try out the techniques of fashion and portrait photographers. I found this activity extremely helpful, fun and interesting and i have learnt a lot. I really enjoy using the studio and cannot wait to go back in and re-shoot!

10 different expressions…
angry,ashamed,cheerful,confused,depressed,full,hyper,naughty,rejected and sad

Sad & Depressed
I shot these images at a ratio of 2:1 – F5.6 – F4 at 1/80 and 100 ISO
However the first set of images were quite bright and over exposed because i needed to stand closer to the flash and use a black reflector.
For the second set of images i still used a ratio of 2:1 however i shot at f8 1/125 and used a black reflector.

Sad - 1st image
Sad – 1st image
Sad - 2nd Image
Sad – 2nd Image
Depressed- 1st image
Depressed- 1st image
Depressed- 2nd image
Depressed- 2nd image

Angry & Ashamed
I shot these images using and face front/overhead soft box and two side lights (rim lights)
Firstly i shot angry at f22, but i found it was over exposed so i shot ashamed at f29, 1/125 and 100 ISO.


Naughty & Rejected
However i then discovered what rim lighting could do, so i decided to re-shoot some other expressions
Used a 2:1 ratio, i started at f22 for Rejected but realised it was still slightly over exposed so shot at f29 for naughty  but released f32 created a better image on my camera,100 ISO, 1/160.
I pulled the rim lights in closer.

Rejected - 1st image
Rejected – 1st image
Rejected - 2nd Image
Rejected – 2nd Image
Naughty - 1st image
Naughty – 1st image
Naughty - 2nd image
Naughty – 2nd image

Full & Confused
1:1 Ratio, using octobox and snoot
F10, 1/160 100ISO


Hyper & Cheerful
4:1 ratio F9, 1/125 100ISO – Hyper
4:1 ratio F9, 1/160 100ISO – Cheerful


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