Techniques and Process 1A – Shutter Speed Practice test 1 – Fireworks

Tuesday 5th November (Outcome 2, page 23)

What have i done? ( what were the aims of the activity under taken?)

As it was bonfire night i thought it would be the ideal time to practice shutter speed as fireworks would be going off all night. My aim was to capture the fireworks in mid air and gain a further understanding of how shutter speed works. Hopefully these images may be portfolio standard.

What have i got from it? (did i achieve my aims? What knowledge have i gained? How/What is evidence of this?)

At first i  thought when taking photos of fireworks you would need a fast shutter speed, not a slow one. I first started taking images using a fast shutter speed but i wasn’t capturing anything so i had a look online and discovered i needed a shutter speed of at least 2 seconds, i them began to make some progress. Once i changed my technique i began capturing some shots which i was after. However i didn’t get as many in focus and in mid air as i had liked.

What’s next? (do i need to develop this further? Can i improve my results? Can the results be carried in to my work? Was the activity a dead-end?)

Since i didn’t get as many images as i had liked which portrayed photography skill i have decided that i am going to re-test this theory but with sparklers instead. Fireworks are hard to photograph unless you know exactly when they are going to be set off. Plus because you need a log exposure time you need a tripod therefore you can be properly positioned for the fireworks whereas using your hands is limited because of camera shake. For fireworks you need a performance, whereas with sparklers you can make it your own.
Overall i found this mini practice test extremely useful and i am going to extend this practice using sparklers. Hopefully i will produce high standards of work the whole shoot next time.



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