Techniques and Process 1A – Shutter speed Practice – test 2

Thursday 14th Novemeber (outcome 2, page 25)

What have i done? ( what were the aims of the activity under taken?)

I visited the German Christmas Market in Leeds City Center. I wanted to capture images of people enjoying themselves, the brightly lit stalls, the food and the atmosphere. As i wondered round i came across the merry go round, it was brightly lit up and i thought it would be a great opportunity to practice shutter speed again. As the merry go round was moving fast i decided to use a shutter speed of 1/125 and 1/160.

What have i got from it? (did i achieve my aims? What knowledge have i gained? How/What is evidence of this?)

I managed to capture many different photographs, however none to the standard i wanted. I found it difficult controlling the exposure of the images because it was so dark therefore my images to not capture the true atmosphere as it does not look so bright and lively as it does in person. The images are not as sharp as i would have liked them to be, because of this it is difficult to pick out the feature of the images.

What’s next? (do i need to develop this further? Can i improve my results? Can the results be carried in to my work? Was the activity a dead-end?)

In order to capture these images how i want i am going to have to have a look in to exposure at night so i can balance my images perfectly in order to create the right atmosphere within the images. This will mean my images will show bright life just like the market does also the pictures of the moving merry go round will look more fun and realistic hopefully.



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