Story Telling – Task 1 -Narrative Development 1

(Contact sheet in Outcome 3 – page 3 )
Story of a dog.

For this task i had to produce a series of 5 images which told a story using a banal object. My first attempt i used a packet of crisps, i have now decided to use a dog teddy.
I found using a more interesting banal object made the shoot much more fun and makes the story a lot more interesting. Because of the object i have used the series of images has humor/mystery to it.
I decided to use the teddy in a way to manipulate the features of a real dog. I believe this adds life to the images asvwell as humor. I am proud of these images and think they tell a good story.

I decided to use an establishing shot to introduce my narrative, i have chosen the image with the most colour (red, distracting) to be my central image and finally for my last image i used the image which pulls you to the side, ending the story (acts as a full stop). I like these images because they are very creative and they are stand alone images which makes them visually interesting.



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