Techniques and Process 1A – Task 6 – 256

Monday 25th November (outcome 1)

For this task i had to take 5 images using a 25mb memory card. I had to focus these images around the theme of 256. I have chosen to use coloured pencils. To do this i have used a colour chart and picked off the 2nd, 5th and 6th colour from this chart. I have then used them coloured pencils for my images. My idea changed from the original one in my proposal.

I managed to shoot 5 images using the 256mb memory card.I am happy with the images i have produced. They form a sequence and explore both the pencil and the shavings. I found it difficult to shoot these images. Due to exposure and camera shake. However i fixed this by using self timer and turning off the auto white-balance, as-well as a grey card however the exposure was still slightly off and still did not print as pure white even when i used natural light. Self-timer helped me with my final images as they are all in focus and explore different shapes in pencils.

Due to having trouble with exposure i am going to go do further tests on how i can improve my understanding and how i can get it right everytime. I believe this will improve my results and i will then re-shoot this task later and see if the difference affects the images. I found this activity fun but also difficult due to the time set. However it has made me adapt to my work quickly and made me understand how hard it is to produce work for deadlines. On the other hand, i enjoyed this task and would happily do something like it again.



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