Techniques and Process 1A – Idea Generation Development

Monday 2nd December (Outcome 2, page 28)

I re-created the images i used in the original class task for further development work. I used Jane Wedges image again and portrayed it using banal objects. I had 4 ideas of which i shot. However i only liked 2 of the final images of the whole shoot.
My aim was to re-create Wedge’s original image by using a wider range of banal objects. I didn’t want to stick to the original colours of oranges used in the original picture either. I wanted to create a more modern look of the image. From the 4 objects i shot i found my idea to work well and are happy with the images i created. However i did struggle with the lighting in the images and discovered it is difficult setting up your own set without use of lighting equipment.
Overall i found this shoot went well. The images of which i have chosen to represent this idea generation have a large depth of field and represent the original image well. From this shoot i have discovered i need access to my own equipment as it will help to create better shots as i will have access to the correct lighting.

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