Studio Practice – Proposal Images – Test Shot 2

(Contact sheet in Outcome 3, Page 4)

For my second load of test shots i decided to focus on facial features, inspired by Bill Brandts work. I focused on the eyes and ears of both a male and a female. I zoomed in close in order capture the aesthetics of the image, due to this the ability to define the gender is difficult. I also turned the images to black and white in order to add to this.
The 4 images which i have selected from the shot have the best composition/angle/content.
The content of these images is appropriate as they are simple, plain and are directly focused on the facial feature which was being used, with no distractions surrounding this focus point.  I focused the angle of my camera directly level with the features i was shooting. I wanted the feature to be the main point of the image therefore shooting directly level and close up makes the focused and larger to look at.
When shooting the images i asked the model to look slightly up when photographing there eye, i did this because i found it added a more life like affect to the image and the eye itself. Also when photographing the ear, i asked the model to turn their head to a slight angle in order to capture the ear without it being surrounded by hair.
Overall the techniques i used helped me to create the images i produced. These images however are not of great quality as the exposure/lighting is dark/over. Therefore when developing this task further i am going to shoot in a space more available to natural light.



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