Studio Practice 1A- Narrative development 2

Thursday 2nd January
(Contact sheet in Outcome 3, Page 11)

My aim in this task was to take a photograph/s of a bauble which told a story. Out of the shots i have taken i have chosen 4 images which i believe do this.
The 4 images which i have chosen have the correct exposure which makes the bauble in the image sparkle slightly.
The angle of each photograph is different making the bauble appear differently which leads to a different presence of the image. The close up images have a darker/depth to the images, as they are purely focused on just the bauble whereas the images which are further away are more lit up due to the props used in the images and have a softer feel to the image as the bauble is surrounded making it sparkle more.
These 4 images all have similarities in the way they describe the bauble. I find when put together they come together as sort of mini stories. The darker and softer images mix together to create an atmosphere around the bauble.
The baubles surrounded by fairy lights and then hanging on the tree are a traditional thought when it comes to baubles, but as i chose to capture them separately each image also makes a story when it is stood alone.
Overall from all the images i shot these 4 images are the strongest as they are sharp, correctly exposed, focused and well composed.

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