Techniques and Process 1A – Depth of field development

Wednesday 4th December (Outcome 2, page 31)

In order to development my understanding on how depth of field works i decided to use an idea i read in a book. I photographed a few different banal objects using different apertures in order to see the affect depth of field adds to an image. I used f/4 and f/22.

From this task i now know what a small and a large depth of field are. Photographing still objects with the variation of apertures has helped me realise this and i now know which technique to use when i want to create a small depth of field or a large depth of field. For an image to have a large depth of field a small aperture must be used such as f/18 or f/22. This will make the whole image sharp and focused. Whereas to have a small depth of field you need to use a large aperture such as f/4 or f/5.6.This will make only the focused part of the image sharp. These techniques add great affect to an image.

Overall from the images i have shot, i now have a greater understanding of depth of field. However i want to adapt on the images and make then stronger. As the exposure of these test images isn’t correct and there is sun flare in them. However there is a few images from the test shots which i like and want to re-shoot. For this i am going to use a tripod to add a different angle affect to the images and make sure there is no camera shake so that the images are super sharp and focused.


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