Techniques and Process 1A – Evaluation on Depth of Field

(Research in Outcome 1, Page 1,3,4 )

From my research sources i now know that…

Depth of field is the area of the image which is in focus. Many people use this technique within their photographs to add affect. Depending on which lens, aperture and subject range of your image will affect the depth of field. If all allow you a range of sharpness you can use any latitude the depth of field will allow to either focus further away or closer to the image so you can capture the main part of the image to you in more sharpness. Areas outside the DOF will be blurry, this increases the further away they are. It is used to disguise and soften objects within the photo in order to make the image look sharp. This can be manipulated however, some people will try maximise their depth of field in order to create a super sharp image however others will minimize their depth of field so that only a small part of the image is in focus and the rest of the frame becomes blurred (bokeh).
Depth of field is measure in focal point. Your camera lens focuses on one distance at a time. The area parallel to the lens  is the focal plane. Depth of field extends in front and behind this point.
The further away you are from your subject the more depth of field you will achieve. Smaller f-stop larger depth of field and finally the smaller the aperture less the image is in focus and more the image is blurred. So if you want an image which is sharp and in focus use a smaller aperture such as f22 or f18 however if you want an image with a small focus/sharp point but with a blurred background use a large aperture, f2.8 or f4.


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