Studio Practice 1A – Portfolio images – Gender Identity

Gender Identity
(10 images)

For my final photographs for my proposal i decided on photographing the human eye, eye, legs and elbows. I did this on both male and females. All the images are close ups on the body parts, i did this because it make the body part the main focus of the image which helps spread the meaning of my image for gender identity, meaning the images look genderless. Also the close ups add an abstract feel to the images which make them more interesting to look at.
I shot the images in colour however i have converted them to black and white. I have done this because i find black and white photographing takes away any distractions within the image and it also adds depth and mystery to the photographs. In black and white all the body parts look natural, naked and plain therefore it is more difficult to see which photo belongs to which gender.
Overall the 10 photos i have selected i find to be the best composed, most straight forward and sharpest images. When i look at the photos i find they express genderless qualities which was what i was trying to capture and it shows that the human body is equal therefore there is equality between male and females.

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