Studio Practice 1B – Task 2 – Object and Context

For this task i had to create an image of an object of my choice and use the background elements to imply a context or meaning to my image.
From this task i have managed to use a banal object (reading glasses) and focus them upon a book (background) in order to present the context of lenses help to read, help to focus, help to see.
I have managed to capture an object and place it within a context. I have done this by using  a small depth of field and focusing on a small area of the image. This helps imply the context whereby the focus of the image is on the object i chose (reading glasses) and the background (book) with only the glassess and a handful of words in focus. Thereby lenses are used in order to see.

DSC_0444 blog resize


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Olivia Bates

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