Studio Practice 1B – Task 2 – Context and Object – Development

My aim for this task was to re-evaluate the context within the first image which i shot.
From this task i have managed to re-create the same image but give it a completely different context which also changes the way and what you look at within the image.
From the first image i shot – the context of the image was seeing through a lens clearly. I used a book which i have been using for research and inspiration for my proposal. I used a random paged and photographed words through the lens, i used a small depth of field in the background so that the words within the lens were sharp and focused.
However in this second shoot i changed the context of the image, instead of the lens I’ve decided to focus upon the words. I chose to photograph the words which inspired and surprised me most from the book so far. I have kept the same depth of field and same objects within the image however due to the change of context i now look at the image differently. I focus upon the words, i search the page for the important parts, instead of just looking through the lens of the glasses like i did before hand.
I have managed to achieve my aims for this task however, i have selected 2 best practice shots, one landscape, one portrait which both add extra depth to the images.

DSC_0058 RE DSC_0060 RE


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