Techniques and Process 1B – Task 2 – Photoshop skills Part 1

The aim of this task was to use Photoshop professionally in order to gain a further understanding of White balance, in post-process and in camera. I had to do this by shooting under controlled lighting conditions within the studio.
I had to shoot images in RAW and JPG and i also used a grey card and white card.

Grey Card/White card using RAW
Camra settings…
Cannon EOS 5D
ISO 100

I found these processes quick and efficient. Due to the fact that i was only using one controlled lighting set up. Which is useful as i am interested in studio portrait. The post-process on Photoshop was simple, effective and time efficient. Which is useful for when shooting quickly for a client. Simply need to upload the images, open all in Photoshop. Select the white balance and apply to all.
The final images were different once the white balance had been changed. I found the grey card image was colder and had a more blue colouring to it whereas the white card image added more magenta and made the image warmer. Overall i prefer the image shot using the white card exposure as the image is warmer.

Grey Card shot
Grey Card shot
White Card shot
White Card shot







Once i had changed the images using the white and grey card i had to do it by judgement of my eye. This way was less effective and made the quality of my image slightly poorer as i added too much magenta and made the subject look to pink within the skin. However as i shot all these images on a camera i am unfamiliar with i want to re-shoot this task using my Nikon D3200 and compare whether there is a difference between the quality and the make.

Eye view
Eye view

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