Techniques and Process 1B – Task 3 -Photoshop – levels/curves/histograms

This task has been set in order for me to understand how to use Photoshop and whether i need to use certain techniques within my images. From this task i have learnt how to use levels and curves in Photoshop and how to read Histograms correctly.
From this task i have now learnt how these techniques can help the tonal range of your image if used subtly.
As i can now read a Histogram properly i can now see whether in camera or post-production if i need to alter the exposure or the white balance slightly within my images or whether the images do or do not need any alterations.
I prefer the levels technique to the curves technique as i find it easier to read the histogram within and also that it sometimes does just enough the the image in order to make it from okay to great. As the slightest touch the the white balance/ colour tones of the image can transform it completely. However the use of the curves tool is useful if you need slightly more adjustments to your image without going over the top.

I used these techniques upon an image which is flat. I find now that after altering the levels and curves upon the image it has slightly more of a colour tone range of the image and is less flat upon the page. (see folder for Photoshop diagram)

Original Image
Original Image
Altered Image
Altered Image

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