Techniques and Process 1B – Task 3 -Photoshop Skills – Non-destructive editing

The aim of this task was to learn how to use Photoshop so that i do not destroy my original image.
From what i have learnt i now know that adding layer masks to your image allow you to alter as much as the image as you want without ruining your original image and also that if you make a mistake it is a simply process in order to fix the problem rather than starting from the beginning. Also you can save the image as a Photoshop  file so if you wanted to go back and edit bit by bit it is possible however space consuming.

The task i set myself in order to understand this process was photo popping. I know it has become slightly out of fashion however using the layer masks allows you not to destroy the pixels in your image as you would if you didn’t as you are rubbing away the image by using this technique. The process i used can be found in my folder.
My final image is not as accurate as it could be however photo popping is time consuming and needs to be precise. However i believe the image shows my understanding of non-destructive editing.

photo pop image blog size


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