Techniques and Process 1B – Task 4 – Shooting and Developing black and white film

The aim of this task was to shoot and hand develop black and white film.
Once i loaded the b+w film, (Ilford 5H Plus) i decided to focus my images upon portrait, i began in the studio.
I firstly shot a few images using ambient light, which i measured with a light metre. I then went on to using flash, which was also measured with a light metre. I used many different flash heads such as a soft box, beauty dish, honeycomb, snoot.
Once i was happy with the shots within the studio i went and used natural light through a big window. I also measured the ambient light here using a light metre.
Overall i found using a film camera hard at first. I was struggling with finding the focus point and how the camera worked. On the otherhand it has helped me feel more confident within my photography as i wasn’t able to see what i had shot and had to go with gut instinct.It was also much more fun as i was able to experiment with different lighting and can now understand how light and colours affect contrast further.  Also after shooting on b+w film  i found i really enjoyed it and improved with each shot. I have decided to shoot my C41 process b+w film on my proposal project.

Developing the film by hand was also slightly tricky, I did it in a group of 3. It was hard to see at first and i struggled with getting the cap off of the film the most. I managed to secure the film on the wheel fairly well and we processed the film just fine. Our negatives came out fine and we managed to do it without any problems. However it is quite a lengthy, stressful process. But it is also rewarding when you get to see the negatives you have shot and processed. It is an achieving technique.

Negatives can be found in research folder.


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