Techniques and Process 1B – Task 5 – Magenta/yellow printing prints.

The aim of this task was to print our negatives using Magenta Yellow printing.
Overall i really enjoyed this process. It was tricky to start with due to remembering every step but once i got the hang of it i enjoyed it very much. I also really liked the affect film has on portraits compared to digital. The contrast within the images is much darker and also the skin tone is more detailed. B+W film also adds more dramatic affect to the images which adds a whole new perspective to the portraits. Due to this difference i have decided to shoot some of my proposal project on my C41 process B+W film ass i believe it will add more of a dramatic affect to the overall aesthetic and also transform the model into the character i want her to be.

Overall  i printed 5 final images and a contact sheet. I did numerous test shots also. The process we used was developer, stop, fix and wash.
For my first contact sheet i used Grade 3 – which is 56 Magenta and 23 Yellow. I exposed the contact sheet from 3-12 seconds and ended up deciding on 8 seconds overall. I then re-printed the contact sheet, exposed at 8 seconds and grade 3 at F5.6.

For the 1st image i developed, i tested it at Grade 3 also and 3-12 seconds. Once i looked over the image i decided on 6 1/2 seconds however i still found it to be slightly grey and flat so i decided to move to grade 4;  102 Magenta and 6 yellow, and measured 6,7,8 seconds at F5.6. Overall i printed the final image at Grade 4, 6 seconds exposure, as it lifted the image and added contrast and effect to the image.

For my second image i used grade 3 again for test shots, however my first test shot did not work as i did not change my aperture back to 5.6 after setting focus of image. This meant that my first test shot was just black. And was a waste of paper therefore i have learnt to double check everything before exposing the paper. So i re-tired the test shot at F5.6, Grade 3 for 3-12 seconds.  Once again the image looked really flat and grey so i changed to grade 4, then for my second test shot i exposed for 6,7,8 seconds. Overall for my final print i used Grade 4, 6 seconds exposure at F5.6

For my 3rd image i used Grade 3, F5.6 and exposed for 3-12 seconds on   the 1st test strip. I couldn’t decide between 4-9 seconds so i did another test strip for 5,6,7,8 seconds. This was also slightly flat so i then changed to Grade 4 and exposed for 6,7,8 seconds. For the final print i decided on Grade 4, 7 seconds exposure at F5.6. However this image did not print correctly as i did not line the paper up completely straight within the frame. I found that this ruined the overall print and i then took extra measures and double checked the paper before i exposed on further prints.

For my 4th image i decided to stay on Grade 4. I exposed the test shot at Grade 4, F5.6 and 3-12 seconds. Overall i decided on Grade 4, 4 1.2 seconds exposure at F5.6

Finally for my final image i used Grade 4 and exposed for 3-12 seconds however once again i forgot to change the aperture back. Therefore i decided due to making the mistake twice to make a to-do-list before exposing. I then re-tested the 2nd test shot at grade 4, F5.6 and 3-12 seconds exposure. i then exposed at Grade 4, F5.6 and 5,6,7 seconds. Overall i decided on Grade 4, 6 second exposure at F5.6.

Overall i was really happy with my prints and the process i used. I love the affect B+W film had and i can’t wait to use it again. All prints can be found in research folder.


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