Studio Practice 1B – Portfolio selection process

Proposal – final pieces

For my final portfolio pieces i had a wide selection of prints to choose from. In order to narrow down my selection process i have decided to pick  a theme/idea to relate my work . I have linked this back to the research i have done and what i want to audience to see.
The images i have selected represent my proposal idea… Victorian silhouettes to post-modernism, i have developed the silhouettes further which adds a post-modern twist. The images have a slight fear view about them, they are quite sinister, mysterious, have a sense of danger yet beauty. They are questionable, they make the audience explore the image and question the identity of the silhouette. Who is it? What are they doing? Why are they doing it? Why can’t we see their face/who they are? These are all the questions i want my audience to ask when they look at the silhouettes.

The Victorian silhouettes prints that i have selected meet my proposal aims. They represent the stages of 17th Century Victorian silhouettes from cut out caricatures to photographed Victorian silhouettes. I have chosen the strongest images from my test shoots as i believe these images meet my proposal aims and demonstrate my idea fully. They explore a range of developed creative ideas done overtime in order to create the best print in order to present my 17th century silhouettes.

For my post-modern silhouettes i have chosen the images which signify symbolism, judgement and mystery. I have narrowed this selection down by body language of the models in the images. I have chosen the strongest images which represent a sign of symbolism which also make the audience judge and question the image – for example they may look at the images and question society, the sign of thug life, they want to surrender. I have also chosen the strongest images which represent a mysterious beauty. These images have also been selected by body language of the models in the images. These images explore a mysterious beauty to portraiture and show that it can be fun, interesting, dark and mysterious. They still represent a slight threat through the image as their identity is hidden and also still question the audiences thoughts of the images.


Best Practice

The images i have selected for my best practice are the images which best explore the class tasks i have done and also the images that show my developed creative ideas throughout shoots. These images show a strong representation of silhouettes and what they can used for. The silhouettes images i have selected are the images which were some of the strongest from the shoots. They demonstrate the fun, adventurous, contemporary twist which portraits can explore. Which was also an aim of my proposal, in order to demonstrate that portraiture can be used in many different ways and there are many different styles of it. The identity of the person does not need to be clear, the whole language of the person is important and it is how you look at the image.






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