Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Post 1 – Conceptualized Photography

I will be producing a body of work where by i have to create a conceptualized series of work. I will be basing this body of work around Portrait Photography. Therefore i will be creating a scene around a model within a home made studio in order to capture beauty portraits advertising make-up.

In order to plan my shoots i have looked in to 10 photographers/photographs which have being conceptualised.
(links below)

I have chosen these photographs/photographers for specific reasons towards my proposal

– Kirsty Mitchell creates her whole image/set. She creates a mystic wonderland whereby a magical story is portrayed within every image.The surreal looks of the characters bring the images to life and express the story she is trying to present. She also presents a colour theme throughout her images which overwhelm the image in an artistic manner which gives the image real depth and life.

– The common factor throughout the fairytale photographs within this post all consist of strong models. The portraits themselves are sharp and attentive to the model. This is a factor i want to create. The models face and make-up fit the part. This is a key element i have to achieve.

– Annie Leibovitz whole series for Disney also portrays a mystic wonderland whereby a magical story is being told. However she has stuck to the classic stories due to why she has shot the images. However the feel she has in her image from the  lighting she has created is a factor i want to use within my work. I want to  portray a mystic land within my portraits however i need a soft, warming glow to complement the make-up which is the key element.

– David Lachapelles use of bright colours is also an element i want to portray within my work. He is a fashion photographer therefore the product he is advertising has to be focus of the image. Everything else going on within the image must compliment the product. This is what i aim to achieve

– As i am going to be advertising make-up it is a key element that the face of my model is sharp and focused. Therefore when i photograph my model her eyes will be sharp. I want them to draw in the attention of the viewer. Have a contemporary feel so that when the audience does look at the image the image is looking straight back at them. Sharpness is key.

The links below explore make-up campaign – each one has it’s own approach and excels the power of make-up through a story or a scene.

Portraiture Photography By Famous Photographers


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