My Strengths + Weaknesses

My strengths + weaknesses


  • Good time management
  • Communication skills
  • Determined/motivated
  • Team Player
  •  Natural Leader
  • Hard working/ smart thinking


  • Learning agility within new kit and technology
  • Lack of confidence within myself
  • Lack of some skills
  • Nerves
  • Who to communicate with

Published by

Olivia Bates

My aim is to delve in to the alliance between fashion and people so I can explore the link between the subjects in order to communicate my image I have the ability to approach any difficult situation and solve any problems to find resolutions in order to work efficiently. I can manage situations, communicate honestly and have a trustworthy manner as I am expressive and take no nonsense which allows me to get the job done. Please contact me at; and visit my website;

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