Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – Night Shots; Exposure Test

This no daylight brief requires me to photograph using as many artificial light sources as possible. For this task i took to the streets of the city of Leeds and photographed buildings using street lamps and lights upon the buildings.
When comparing all these images I discovered that city lights leak a large amount of light pollution into the sky which can be detected by the camera sensor and is visible within my images. I shot these images using a tripod and exposed the images on different shutter speeds; double the time of the frame each time – 1,2,4,8,15,30

I now understand what i need to do and how to use my camera in order to capture long exposures. I feel that i have shown this with the images i have shot however i want to expand and develop this further in order to use artificial light more creatively.

I exposed these images between  1-30 seconds. I have discovered that exposes under 4 seconds do not record enough light and shutters over 15 record slightly to much light due to the subject i have chosen to record.

The worst image of my shoot was the image exposed at  1 second; the shutter speed is to fast which means the sensor cannot record all the information therefore the lighting within the image has not been captured at full capacity as it is too dark.

The best image of my shoot was the image exposed at 8 seconds; this has allowed enough light to be recorded. The building shape has being illuminated as well as the areas around which is what i was trying to capture (street/sky). The street lamps are not to bright therefore they are not interfering with the lights on the building itself which is what i was trying to achieve.


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Olivia Bates

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