Advanced Studio Practice 2A -Concept Development; experimenting with lighting

Learning how to use and control lighting with confidence is one of the skills i want to improve upon. I have learnt a lot from this shoot and now feel confident within manipulating light within a studio environment.

Lighting is a key technique used within photography. It can transform an entire concept within an image. Looking at the work of Julia Fullerton-Batten, she uses concept lighting in a vast amount of her story telling. She uses lighting to highlight the key points within the her pictures which should be looked at and questioned by the audience. Looking at ‘A Testament to Love’ she focuses her light sources upon her models and the backgrounds. Hard lighting is used upon the model because they are the main subject of her story. Other lights are used upon the surroundings and props in order to add depth to the images and highlight other things in order to make the audience question what is going on, making them look at her images and see what they are about.

Below is a shot from my experimentation of lighting within a studio. Within this scene i wanted to create the concept of emptiness, to do this i have used different light sources and unusual objects within the scene in order to make the audience question what is happening and why. To create this scene i played around with different light sources to see if the lighting could add an emotional impact of emptiness to the image. I used Tungsten Halogen lighting and LED lighting. There is a Tungsten key light shining through the window in order to outline my model and cast strong shadows across the floor. An LED panel is situated at the top right hand side of the image in order to illuminate the floor to exaggerate the idea of emptiness.  There is also a Tungsten lamp placed above the model directed towards her head, this has cast a stronger shadow across the floor and on the left hand side of the scene in order to add extra lighting so that the mood of the scene is not too dark.
Overall from this shoot i have learnt that cameras capture florescent lighting causing a green cast over the image. However LED lighting is soft and diffused, it also gives of neutral light whereas Tungsten lighting can cause an orange cast over your images making them warm.

IMG_3365 blog


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