Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – Research – Light Night Leeds

On the 3rd of October i went in to the City of Leeds to explore the ‘Light Night’ which was being presented. There were many different shows going on over the city centre; performances, music, literature, dance, visual art. My favourite of the shows was the ‘Theatre of Illumination’

‘Sitting at the heart of Light Night, a digital spectacle of light and sound propels the architecture of Leeds Civic Hall into the next century with the explosive energy of a firework display. 3D optical illusions and projection mapping combine to create an ultramodern white light show with surround sound.

Theatre of Illumination takes you on a futuristic journey through time and space.’

I was mesmerised by this performances just as many other spectators. The lighting that hit the building was spectacular. It was made up of many different shapes/movements and was transforming throughout. The sound added extra affect as well as there been no lights illuminating the building which  allowed the shadow affect to hypnotise the audience.



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Olivia Bates

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