Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Proposal Shoot Planning

Elements i need to consider;

  • models appearance
  • lighting
  • props
  • scene set
  • poses/posture
  • focal length
  • post-production
  • timing
  • make-up colours/products
  • framing of image

Models Appearance;
make-up + hair style; model must be made up and ready to shoot will the full appearance i want to capture this will include make-up done and hair done – using different colour make-up and different colours. Need to organize and plan which hair styles and which colours – practice shoots. Research how to do hair styles or use a hair stylist. Buy make-up colours.

Ambient light and flash. I will be experimenting with both light sources to see which add the best aesthetic to my images. Since it is now autumn the sun is setting earlier therefore i will using my ambient light bulbs to cast a daylight glow over my image. I will not be using tungsten light bulbs as they cast an orange cast over the image. I will also be experimenting with a flash gun to see if i can cast shadows over the model in order to create impact within the image.

props will be one of the main products to help create my overall mythical beauty advertisement. I will be using props to add the extra details and transform the scene into the mythical appearance. I will be using 3D butterflys, make-up, wool, hair bands, bobbles/clips, fabric, sticks/leafs, glitter, cobwebs, glue.

Scene Set;
My scene set will consist of a home made backdrop and my models appearance. I will need to make a backdrop of twigs and leafs to hang behind my model in order to create the effect of a mythical woodland. I will then add my models appearance to transform the scene

the posture of my model will be very important i need to make sure i capture her face as the make-up is the whole point of my shoot. However i also want to make sure i capture the mythical side of my concept. Therefore my model is going to have to be set in different potions and using different facial expressions.

Focal Length;
This is an important factor as i need to make sure each image is the same focal length to show consistency. I also need enough space around each portrait in order for the framing to be level and space for text/logos for advertising purposes.

Post-production may be used in order to achieve my overall image.

Timing of my shoots is important and the reason why i need written plans for me and my model for when the shoot is taking place. This will allow for us both to know what is happening and when. It will mean nothing is forgotten about and that if my model is on a time limit we stick to the timing of each process.

Make-up colours/products;
These are the main elements of my shoot. They have to be specific and stand out within the image. Making sure all the colours within each shoot match the make-up colour and that the colour is exaggerated is my aim.

Framing of image;
This will allow my image to be equal on each side, allowing for advertising practices to take place and making sure my shoots are all straight and equal making consistency.


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Olivia Bates

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