Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – No-daylight brief – Proposal development 1

For this non-daylight brief i have decided to use different light sources to create portraits of peoples identities. I will be using Glow Stick and Sparklers to do this.
In order to gain an understanding of the exposure time needed with using glow sticks i did an exposure test.

I found that with no other light influences and with fast exaggerated movement of the light source that 30 second exposures are best for catching movement of glow sticks. Within the other exposure times there is minimal light captured as the shutter was to fast to catch the movement.

However i am not going to be capturing vast amounts of movement using this light source. My aim is to capture a portrait of a person writing their signature – spelling their identity. Therefore i do not need complete darkness or as long exposure as i discovered i just need a long enough exposure just to capture the signature being drawn.

In order to capture the person within my portrait with the signature i added a background lamp (tungsten bulb) which has added an orange cast to my images. At first the light was too bright so we diffused the bulb and covered it so the light was diffused. I experimented with different exposures and discovered that the longer i exposed the image for the duller the light source got and the brighter the background appeared with an orange cast.

Overall i now know that in order to light my subject and light source i am going to need to place an artificial light within my shoot. however i don’t want an orange cast over my entire image however a warm red/orange glow behind my image may work. My next shoot will consist of my subject being lit from behind and exposures between 4-10 seconds.

Below are other images i captured with the exposure tests (edited slightly)…


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Olivia Bates

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