Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Words and Concept


– the writing on the wall

Following on from the lecture i have being asked to conceptualise the words in a photographic context. My first ideas towards my concept were literal meanings of the words i needed to use themselves.

my first ideas;

a light drawing of buildings across a wall
a light drawing of the human growing across a wall
a list of words that people associate with life written on paper and stuck on a wall
Life written on a wall
A word i associate with life written across a wall

However i new these ideas would be slightly difficult to create within the college building. Therefore i decided to look up the meanings of the words of which i wanted my concept to be based on.

Wall – ‘A wall is a structure that defines an area, carries a load, or provides shelter or security.’

Life – ‘Life is a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having signalling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate’

From this i decided to take an unilateral approach to portraying ‘life’ and ‘wall’.
As my first shoot was shot within the college building i was struggling to find props to portray my concept. However once i’d narrowed down a life source (water) and an object (glass jar) of which i could secure it with all i had to do was find a location which would make it stand out. I chose a red background so that the water and jar within my image would look bold and visible. The dark red allows for the water t be visible more clearly than using a lighter background colour like cream. I also stood the jar on table in order to use my tripod as i could not shoot off of the floor. I am happy with the overall shot i have created however i have added to much information within the image that doesn’t need to be there; the table isn’t a part of my concept it was just convenient to help stand up my prop therefore i would like to re-create this shot whereby i have a closer shot of just the jar and water against the background as they are my main focus points. On the other hand i am happy with the fact that i have also managed to incorporate writing within my shoot upon the jar of water to incorporate all my words.

Life – life source of water
Wall – the security of the water (jar)
Writing – the writing upon the jar


I have also developed this concept through another non literal meaning. I shot outside using another life source (a tree/bush) and used a light source (sparkler) to draw around to signify writing. I am happy with this shot as i find it explores a different view of my concept and adds an edgy art twist to the subject. However the focus within my image is centered wrong. Due to it been dark i had to use a torch in order to focus. However my focus has being flipped from my subject point to my background. I do quite like the image as it also makes the audience question the image further as they are drawn to the light source and what it is surrounding however it is not what i initially meant to shoot. I am also going to re-create this idea and hopefully capture my concept fully.


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