Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – Experimenting with flashguns

Following on from the lecture i had to use a Canon 430EX11 flashgun to create a series of portraits within different locations.
Equipment used;
– Canon Flashgun
– Phottix Triggers
– Stand
– Flash Bracket
– Umbrella
– Light Meter

Using Manuel Flash i took this equipment to a series of locations to balance daylight and flash.
Flash was the main light source within my shots. Therefore i metered the light to set my aperture and changed the shutter speed in order to minimize and override the ambient light available.
Within my portraits i experimented with the shutter speed in order to analyse the difference ambient light has within using flash. I shot the portraits using a ratio of exposure times and discovered that the slow shutter speeds record more ambient light and faster shutter speeds minimize ambient light.
Using the a slow shutter speed, the area behind the model has being lit up widely and has created an interesting aesthetic/depth of field to the image. The faster shutter speed has cast a dark shadow behind the model which also adds an aesthetic to the image as more detail is visible. However using flash at 1/60th of a second has created a pleasantly lit image which a strong aesthetic as there are shadows coming off the model, the background is lit widely by a slight amount of ambient light and the details are still visible and add extra depth to the image.

Shot at ISO 100, F5.6 – flash/umbrella situated from side of model

Shot as ISO 100, F8 – Flash/umbrella situated in front of model/side of model + flash 1/2

Overall i now understand that exposure times change the affect of flash within the image by either overriding or minimizing ambient light. I have found that the positioning of the flash, the strength of the flash and the influence of ambient light are all factors that change the aesthetic of the shot. I experimented with different exposure times, different apertures, different positioning of flash and different locations for models, different strengths of flash and have found that they all add/take away depth within the image however depending on what you are trying to create/capture the factors you use from all of these will help build your image.  I like the aesthetic added to the image through flash and faster shutter speeds. I find the portraits which are lit slightly darker have more of an edge and intrigue. However i also like the depth of field and the wide spread of light added through slower shutter speeds as the ambient light adds a natural feel and hides the details behind the model whilst the flash highlights the subject and focuses the point of the image as well as adds dark shadows when no ambient light is recorded which also add an edgy depth to the images.


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