Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – Flash -class task

The aim of today was to shoot in order  to gain a further understanding of portable light using a re-chargeable battery. Learning how to use this equipment is important as being a portrait photographer it means i can travel to and from my clients and i can also go onto locations without worrying about lighting set ups. However due to the lights being battery powered it means you only get so many flashes before the battery dies, however this can be worked around by either planning a shoot and knowing what your going to be shooting so that you do not run out and you use them resourcefully. On the other hand you could also have a handful of batteries available and switch them around once the others have run down.

Today I used a Calumet genesis 300B light head and an inverter battery pack with an umbrella as the main diffuser. The head plugs in to a battery pack and can work on either DC or MC. I used DC as i was working off a battery, this allowed for a 12W direct current however i had an inverter battery so power was magnified. As the battery pack runs out quickly there is no modelling bulb as that would drain the power, therefore you can’t see the light which helps you learn where to place the light. The umbrella (diffuser) was set away from the light source so that a softer light would hit my subject. The light is softer due to it have to travel to the diffuser, through the diffuser and past the diffuser in order to hit the subject.

I set up the light at a 45 degree angle so that i could create Rembrandt lighting which is often used within portrait photography.

The soft light illuminates on the side of the face which then crosses the face showing and upside down triangle of light on the other cheek. This can be seen within the images below. I also added a flag in order to stop the lighting bouncing behind my model so that they were focused more. The darker background adds depth to the images.As well as the flag i used a gold reflector which has added a slight colour cast to the images. I also moved from f5.6 to f8.


Overall i am happy with the images i have produced. I now have a further understanding of what Rembrandt lighting is and how to create it and the aesthetic is adds to an image. However how i closely consider how i position my model as the angle of the way they are situated is key if i am not moving the light along with them in order to create this affect.
I am also confident with how to used battery powered equipment now and feel that using this equipment has helped me develop within my lighting skills as a photographer.


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