Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – Flash development

Following on from the lecture i have used the Calumet Genesis 300B lighting again in order to see how the positioning of the light, model and influence of a diffuser affect the image and what shadows it casts.

For this shoot i set up my camera, tripod and release trigger and flash triggers. Once i was connected the the Genesis 300B I began to take my portraits. I situated myself in the same place. I took a series of shots where i looked directly at the camera and moved the light to 3 different positions and i took a series of images where i looked to the side and moved the light to 3 different positions. For each direction i faced i took an image with and without the diffuser.

Using ISO 100, F16, 1/100th – camera
30th strength – light (10-60 on genesis 300B)

From the images below i have discovered that the images used with a bare bulb are much brighter, cast harsher light onto subject and create a darker shadow. Where as the images shot with a diffuser are darker, cast softer light onto subject and create softer shadows.
The position of the light has affected the harshness/softness of the light hitting the subject and either increased or decreased the visibility of the shadows cast behind the subject.
The position of the subject has affected the strength of the lighting and shadows due to the light having to travel through and around the subject. The face is lit more clearly as the subjects face is facing the light.

Overall when using speed lights/flash heads i would suggest positioning the light directly in front of your subject. Have there body facing the light source but turn there head slightly. This will cast the light directly on to the subject and cast a smaller shadow behind them. Depending on if you want to capture harsher light or softer light i would position the light above the subject also. However this all depends on what kind of lighting you are trying to create and what it is trying to establish.

Front facing light highlights the whole face. Side light highlights half the face and behind the model. The light at the side next to the model, highlights half the face, shining on the eye and casts behind the model. The light lit from above adds a glow to the eyes and creates smaller shadows where as the lower light shines more directly on the face casting shadows on the face and larger shadows behind the model.


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