Advanced Studio Practice 2A – 3-5 Proposal images – Reading Week

Following on from my test shoots i have developed my proposal shoots further. Looking at the subject matter, context and concept + narrative and the stylistic approach

I have researched and looked in to different hair styles in order to improve the overall look of the model within the image in order to create extra depth for my concept which has involved me to buy different equipment needed to create these styles as well as props. I have also looked and joined stock image websites at high fashion make-up photographs in order to gain an understanding of the styles used by photographers.

For this shoot i have incorporated these research and began to create my concept within camera.
I set up my subject matter – model/portrait
concept/narrative – high fashion make-up portrayed through a mystical appearance.
Stylistic approach – flash gun + soft box/shoot at different angles/model at different angles.

The images below explore different positioning of the model and the lighting.In order to create the high fashion look i have shot the model from different angles and also positioned her head in different ways to emphasise the make up. I have added the props to add extra depth of a deeper meaning towards to mystical appearance.

However more work needs to be done. The images still do not completely portray my whole proposal idea. I need to add more details to the model and also include my background which i am making in order to transform the scene. I need to spend more time preparing the model in order to capture every detail. Plan the positions i want to make and where i want the lighting  and also practice my Photoshop skills in order to create my high fashion beauty shots.

On the other hand i am happy with the shots as a starting point. The lighting used has impacted the images as i am now able to highlight key points of the face and light more directly. The different poses by the model have also added the high fashion make-up feel as she looks different in each image; angle of head, placement of eyes ( where she is looking), mouth parted, angle of colour bone. The colour used has also added an icy feel to the images and wash the models face out therefore i must take more care when adding the whole make-up appearance in order to portray high fashion beauty, this may also mean learning/experimenting with airbrushing in Photoshop. The props i have used upon the model and within the hair have added a mystical feel however need to be emphasised more along with extra props in order to create my whole visual scene.




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