Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – White Balance and pre-sets with continuous lighting sources

The aim of this shoot was to test camera setting using a variety of continuous- light settings. I will be testing to see different colour casts and how they correct an image, I will do this by exploring all the pre-sets on camera white balance and the custom white balance function.

The aim of this task was achieved. I have captured portraits using 2 continuous-light settings and a variation of white balance pre-sets. I have learnt that all the pre-sets provide different colour casts and should be used in different situations depending on the available light.
Within this situation (room had mahogany and green walls, green carpet/flooring) I found that the best pre-sets were daylight and auto white balance.
This is due to the light sources used. My 1st continuous light source was an LED light with a soft box. This provided 5200 Kelvin (a blue colour) the room was reflecting light from the floor and ceiling therefore the daylight pre-set has warmed up the image.  My 2nd continuous light source was HMI flood light which was bounced off a white surface with red writing on. I believe auto white balance was the best pre-set upon this image due to the colour contrast of the background, what my model was wearing and the skin tone due to what the light was reflected off.

In order to continue developing my understanding of white balance and it’s pre-sets I will do further research in to what each do and how they affect the image colour cast and also test out the pre-sets within different locations/situations.


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