Advanced Studio Practice 2A – test shoot 4


Within this shoot i am aiming to capture the representation of nature and beauty through attraction of colour. I want to capture beauty portraits which explore the expectations of high fashion make-up portraiture. I will photograph using different styles of flash and different poses of the model and props. I will also include post-processing to create these expectations.

shoot on 14/11/14

The aim of this shoot was to create 3-5 images which represented, colour, beauty and nature in order to create a series of work based around mystical beauty photography.

The aim of this task was achieved. I have created a 3-5 images which explore the relationship between nature and colour and represent this through make-up. I have captured my concept by linking these 3 elements together and creating a scene within my image.
The shadows within the images add a vast depth.
The butterfly props create the aesthetic and draw in the attention of the audience making them look deeper in to the image, looking past the butterflies and into the beauty of the model/face which is masked by the make-up allowing the audience to explore my concept of looking past the props to identify the beauty.

In order to continue developing my project I will be exploring landscape and portrait framed portraits. Looking at creating a bigger ‘mask’ through props in order to explore my concept further and in to post-production of adding colour layers to add depth to the mystical theme.


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Olivia Bates

My aim is to delve in to the alliance between fashion and people so I can explore the link between the subjects in order to communicate my image I have the ability to approach any difficult situation and solve any problems to find resolutions in order to work efficiently. I can manage situations, communicate honestly and have a trustworthy manner as I am expressive and take no nonsense which allows me to get the job done. Please contact me at; and visit my website;

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