Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Test shoot 5

The aims of this test shoot were to capture two colour looks by transforming them further with the theme of nature, beauty and colour by adding extra prop details.

This test shoot was not successful. However i did managed to capture my developed concept idea by adding extra prop details and re-creating a look upon the make-up to present beauty through a nature form.

What went wrong…

– Wrong exposure, didn’t set aperture accurate to guide number so images underexposed
– Used 18-55mm lens so images appeared focused however at 100% they are not sharp enough
Need to shoot on 70-300mm
– Used white balance pre-sets, caused colour cast – to see difference between adding in shot and Photoshop
Purple – over powered, way to strong took over image
Green – good overall effect images not sharp enough and under exposed.

What went right…

– Position of props have transformed the relationship of nature, beauty and colour
Depth added to idea of mask
More props added to add depth to the mask
– Poses of model
Create an atmosphere within the image that explores fairytale/mystical
Adds to aesthetic
– shooting in landscape
changes depth of images, centres model and draws in attention, adds atmsphere

What’s next…

Will re-shoot selected poses and set up with 70-300mm lens, will test of different lengths and continuously check on sharpness of each shot.
Set aperture to accurate guide number to make sure exposure is correct.
Will re-shoot purple look, without colour cast and plan poses and positions of props
Will create a developed nature,beauty and colour look with the blue look
All be be sharp,focused, well exposed and well composed.

(levels have been edited)


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Olivia Bates

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