Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – No-daylight brief – Proposal development 5

The aims of this shoot were to take in to consideration the feedback from my peers and tutors in order to define the style of which i want to shoot, what i want to capture and how i’m going to capture it in order to start photographing my final images.

Considering the feedback (found in research folder) i have decided to switch from glow sticks to an LED torch light as it is brighter and more light is captured when image is exposed. I have also decided to explore using a plain background (brick walls) to stop interference/distractions from the background. Putting all these elements together i have found that this test shoot was successful.

This shoot was successful as i have managed to narrow down the elements i need within the photo and also managed to explore and development the characteristic of my models by asking them to express there emotions through movement as i have discovered that the longer the light is exposed and moved the stronger the effect of the light and the more abstract it looks.

Comparing my development shoots i can see that from each shoot the focus of the light source and what it is representing has changed as the comparison of exposure times has changed.
I want to expose both the sparklers and LED light between 10-30 seconds in order to record more light movement.
I will be photographing at different outdoor, plain locations with different models. I will be asking the models to express there emotions/characteristics through movement with the light.

Looking at the images below, i like the contrast between the light and the subject. Due to the time of flashing the subject and the power of the light source my model looks like a ghost or isn’t visible, this adds depth as it makes you question who is making this expression. I will also be photographing in both landscape and portrait depending on location in order to capture more detail of light.

My next step is to find different locations where i can shoot and arrange time, dates and locations with potential models. I will be using Sparklers and LED torch as artificial light sources. I will ask the model to express there characteristics/emotions through movement with the light. I will flash the model at the end of the exposure.


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