Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – White balance and colour cast development

The aim of this task was to development my understanding of white balance pre-sets and colour casts by using 3 different coloured clothing items to see if they affected the outcome of the pre-sets.

This was a successful task. Looking over the contact sheet I can see that the incandescent, fluorescent, daylight and cloudy pre-sets all add a colour casts to the images.

I used navy, mustard and red/blue tops within this experiment. Looking at the contact sheet I can see that the navy and red/blue tops have produced similar outcome within the images, the colour casts are the same however the red top has added more colour to the skin tone. The mustard top has created different colour casts to the navy and blue, within the fluorescent pre-sets the colour cast is more of a purple tone than a blue.

Overall from this experiment I have discovered that different pre-sets act differently within different conditions, these situations are affected by background colours, lighting set ups, clothing colours and reflection of colours.

I am going to re-shoot this experiment taking these factors in to consideration by using a plain/neutral wall, neutral clothing and either the same continuous light source, natural light and flash.



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