Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – Inverse Square Law Development

The aim of this shoot was to develop my understanding of Inverse Square Law to prove the Law works.

This task was successful however the Law did not work. I used a continuous light source for this shoot. The first images is correctly exposed. The second image is double the distance from the point source, however exposed same as the first images. The third image is the same distance as the second image however the exposure has being corrected by two stops as the subject has doubled the distance.
Regarding the law; double the distance 1/4 the light. If this is correct the first and third image should weaker than the first image.

Once again i have found that The Inverse Square Law rule does not always work. This test could have been do to with the light source itself, the shape of the light and also the model due to it being a self portrait and having to move positions in order to take the shot.




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