Advanced Techniques and Process 2A – No-daylight brief – proposal development 7

The aim of this task was to continue my development within my no-daylight brief by capturing characteristics by drawing with light.

This was a successful and unsuccessful shoot. I have recently found it difficult to continue my development due to weather conditions. However i did manage to get back outside for this shoot. I much prefer the exposure of the sparkler to the LED light as more colour is captured by the burning fire work and more movement is captured creating the visible characteristics of the person. However looking back at these images and my past shoots whereby i have chosen to ask the models to explore their characteristics through movement of the light source i have noticed that it is not characteristics i am capturing it is expression, also the images are beginning to look slightly similar; this is due to the usage of the same light sources and models. I am disappointed by these problems however i have had to use who was available when the weather was within a workable condition for health and safety terms.

If i was to shoot these images again i would like to have a wider area to shoot within. A field space for example and use of a wide angle lens and a much longer exposure of maybe 3 minutes (around average time of a burning sparkler) i believe this would allow me to capture the true expressions/characteristics of my models as they would have more space to move around in and also more space to set themselves free.

Overall i am happy with the images i have captured, they have developed from my last shoot with sparklers. They express the model and have an artistic edge to them. The colours are bright due to the exposure of the image.


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Olivia Bates

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