Advanced Studio Practice 2A – Proposal Portfolio Images


To produce a series of commercial portraits to advertise make-up which explore a relationship between beauty, nature, make-up and the magical imagination. These images will portray a mystical/magical creature which represents to the audience that anyone and everyone can wear these products.

These images can be used upon stock website for a company to buy the licence  and use for their brand. This could then lead to magazine, billboard, company branding/product advertising. The images I have selected would fit this purpose as they are a series, each image is the same however the posture of the model is different. I have chosen these 5 images due to them being able to relate to the audience. The audience will recognise the images and relate  them to a specific brand, they will remember and recognize what company it is advertising as they have seen the image before.

The work of Kirsty Mitchell, Iain Crawford and Tim walker has helped inspire and developed my project. Looking at Mitchell’s work I wanted to create a series of images which spoke to people personally. I wanted the images to bring my ideas to life. I created my scenes; models,make-up,hair,props,lighting,positioning. Creating the scene myself is what helped develop my idea the most. Each shoot transformed further, bringing my idea alive. My final shoot was the most successful. It allowed me to collaborate with a make-up artist and model and allowed me the take my idea to the end of the line with a full transformation physically of my idea… i created a mystical creature which transforms the idea of make-up and how it can be fun, beautiful and magical.

Tim Walkers work and peer assessments helped me to develop my props within my images. The props transformed the scene in to its mystical appearance, they added the magic. They were like the mask covering the make-up to help transform the scene. They added detail and intrigue, draw in the audience, help the audience relate and discover what the model is, what the make-up does.

Iain Crawfords work helped me to develop the transformation of the make-up itself. His images have strong, exaggerated usage of colour infused within each photograph. He exaggerates the colour he is using to draw the audience’s attention and to advertise the product within the photograph itself more vastly. This is an element I needed to do in my work. At first I started with basic make-up applied to certain parts of the face. This worked at first until I started adding further details with the props which made the make-up understated and not as visible. I then added more make-up within the developing shoots to try draw more attention to the product itself. This also worked however I wanted something more, something bigger. To do this I worked with a make-up artist and decided to do a complete transformation in to a magical creature, completely exaggerate the make-up itself in to my physical advertising purpose.

I feel I have achieved my aims. I have produced a series of images which present a mystical creature that can relate to the audience and show the relationship between make-up, nature and beauty and how even magical creatures use the product. The relationship between the audience and images will connect constantly throughout the series as they will be able to recognize and link the images to a specific brand throughout the advertisements.


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Olivia Bates

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