Advanced Studio Practice 2B – Proposal – Draft 1

Outcome 1 – development of written proposal

Advanced Studio Practice 2B
Proposal – Draft 1


To explore the issues related to fashion photography; how fashion influences lifestyle and how your lifestyle is dependable on where you are from or live.
My project is based in Leeds, it will illustrate the history of Leeds as a City and how it has developed within the 21st Century.  I will be  exploring the links between Leeds and it’s fashion history and how these developments have encouraged people to dress and represent themselves within their present lifestyles.
I will be working closely with my models identifying what fashion means to them and how where they live and shop affects how they present themselves.

Research requirements

The research requirements for my proposal will involve detailed accounts of each key aspects of the issues. This will require accurate sources that discuss Leeds as a city; it’s history, link to fashion and current developments within the city. Sources which discuss fashion photography and how advertising tools are used to represent lifestyle and make the audience desire products in order to achieve these lifestyles. Sources which discuss the lifestyles within Leeds as a city and what has influenced such lifestyle representations.
I will also be looking in to editorial fashion photography and the techniques used in order to create the desire for the fashion products that help create the representation of certain lifestyles.
My proposal also requires me to contact and work with specific models as I require models from Leeds for this project. This will mean contacting and communicating with many models and also continuing a relationship throughout the project in order to gain all the information I need in order to be able to represent how their fashion style influences their lifestyle appearance.
Location scouting will also be required. Locations famous within Leeds’s History and link to fashion. Locations that are meaningful to the models in order to represent the issues I’m discussing.

 Production methods/presentation

I will be using a digital format for the presentation of these images. Portable lighting equipment will be used upon location shoots and within studio set ups.
I am aiming to capture editorial fashion images to represent the issues related to fashion photography.

Target Audience

My final images should be published/used somewhere whereby the issues of the proposal are also discussed; Leeds gallery, Magazine – editorial piece, Newspaper – discussion of Leeds’s current fashion development.


Published by

Olivia Bates

My aim is to delve in to the alliance between fashion and people so I can explore the link between the subjects in order to communicate my image I have the ability to approach any difficult situation and solve any problems to find resolutions in order to work efficiently. I can manage situations, communicate honestly and have a trustworthy manner as I am expressive and take no nonsense which allows me to get the job done. Please contact me at; and visit my website;

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