Advanced Techniques and Process 2B – Medium Format vs Digital

Outcome 3


The aim of this task was to photograph using medium format cameras and digital under strict lighting conditions to compare the difference between film and digital and the gain understanding of how to use medium format cameras.

Throughout this task i shot using 5 different lighting styles. Shutter speed 1/125, ISO 400, 110mm Focal Length

Shot 1 – 2 spot lights facing in to giant flag, model in chair, soft box facing in to model on opposite side to flag
After metering the light i decided to turn off one of the speed lights facing the flag and also turned round the soft box and faced it towards another giant flag.
Metered at;
1st light – F5.6
2nd light – F4
Background – F2.8

Shot 2 – octobox front facing model and model light (soft box) behind above models head.
Metered at;
1st light – F5.6
2nd light – F4

Shot 3 – Octobox above model
I turned off the model light behind the model
Metered at;
1st light – F11

Shot 4 – Octobox directly above models face/head – close up
I moved the light in closer to the models head
Metered at;
1st light – F11 1/2

Shot 5 – Group Self portrait – Octobox above and model light behind
Altered strength of light for more depth of field for sharper images however we did not compensate the light change so within digital image was underexposed drastically.
Metered at;
1st light- F22

This was a successful task. I now know how to use medium format cameras however i did not get enough time working with the cameras and the lighting conditions due to a having to change the tripod so that the camera was secure. Faulty wires meant the light metre wasn’t working and neither was the flash. Due to this i re-booked the studio to do further testing with the medium format camera to test how the different lighting conditions i will be using within my proposal will look.

I haven’t received my processed film back yet so i cannont comment on the comparison between the film and digital images.

digital images below


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