Advanced Techniques and Process 2B – Proposal – draft 1

Outcome 1

Advanced T&P 2B
Proposal –Draft 1


Creating Editorial Beauty Portraits which explore the current hair and make-up trends of 2015 within a mug shot style. This allows me to explore my interest in fashion photography and expand my knowledge within the studio. The images will also explore the current beauty trends by identifying them through a mug shot manner, presenting what they are through the identification of a portrait.
This will involve me to work collaboratively with models and make-up artists and within a controlled studio environment.

Research Requirements

The research requirements for my proposal will involve detailed/correct information about the current beauty trends of 2015; the different trends/ how they are used. Knowledge on Mug shot portraits; when they were first used, why and how I can develop them. Research in to successful editorial beauty portraits and the techniques/styles they have used and also Photographers who have inspired me for this project, Photographers who have created successful editorial beauty portraits and photographers who are working on similar projects themselves. I will try and contact these photographers for further input on their work and hopefully feedback upon my own. I will also need to contact and work with make-up artists and models for this project to be successful.  This will require discussions with the make-up artists about the current trends and how I want them portray these looks.  Studio access will be needed weekly, I will have to organise the shoots with make-up artists and models and make appropriate bookings within the studio when we are all available.

Production methods/presentation

This will be a studio based brief, controlled lighting will be used; soft boxes, octobox, beauty dish, snoot, reflectors and flags. I will be using both film and digital formats. I will be using Medium Format Cameras and film compared against Digital and capture 1 software. This will allow me to create two sets of images which represent the same trends but with different photographic styles.

Target Audience

The target audience for my proposal will be editorial fashion/beauty publishers. The work should be of a standard which could be potential use for fashion/beauty magazines and campaigns. However due to shooting these portraits with a mug shot style the images may appeal to gallery organisers/owners. The work could be used as exhibition pieces to explore the identity of beauty and fashion.

23/02/15 – UPDATE

Due to a new brief been introduced i need to re-write/re-work my project idea around the new brief given.


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