Advanced Techniques and Process 2B – Pack Shots 2 + Capture 1 Software

Outcome 1

This aims of this task was to work individually within the studio creating pack shot images of different products within a split table set up of different sizes. I had to position the lighting and products, meter correctly and make adjustments to the set up in order to compose the shot correctly in order to create a pure white background where the table line was not visible. We then had to use Capture 1 to process the images.


I positioned the Aisle with a large square soft box above it. I then added a back light to the backdrop to create a pure white background –  i moved the back light from the lowest light power to the highest.
I had trouble metering the light due to the back light been on slave and not triggering at the correct time due to other users in the studio. However after re-arranging the tripod, my aperture and the position of the Aisle i finally managed to produce my image at F22. I managed to make these adjustments after looking over the files upon Capture 1 – the exposer was either over or under so i went between F16-F25 until i was happy that the wooden colour the aisle was correct.


I then moved on to photographing my watch upon a smaller table split. I decided to photograph the watch face and some of the watch strap. I had to position my tripod and camera higher up and further away from the table in order focus upon the product.

I placed the watch onto a small piece of white card. In order to keep the watch still i placed a whole along the card where i placed the watch buckle to keep it in place. I then positioned the card at an angle. A small soft box was positioned above the watch.

I then metered the light and began shooting however i then discovered glare upon the watch face so i added a piece of white card to block out the light, i positioned it under the light source and moved it around until i was happy with the reflection.


I set up a necklace under the same conditions, i had to re-arrange the camera and tripod slightly as well as add a small reflector in order to stop over exposer of highlights upon the necklace so that the detail was visible.


I now feel more confident when it comes to producing a pack shot. The slightest movements of the camera angle, lighting position and positioning of the object itself is key to a correct pack shot.  I would like to carry on photographing fashion products within a home made split table set up.


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