Advanced Techniques and Process 2B – Flash Guns

Outcome – 3

The aim of this task was to understand how to use my flash gun to the best of it’s ability upon different locations, different lighting conditions and within quick time scales in order to work effectively upon professional jobs.

Throughout the day i met my aims.

I used the flash within different lighting and location conditions
i used the flash within positions and with a bounce card to project the light
I positioned my models within different poses and areas
I tested with different shutter speeds (ambient light)
I tested with different apertures (flash)

After testing my flash gun and understanding how it works i now feel much more confident and capable of using it correctly. As before i was using the flash and my images were either to over exposed or under exposed. I now feel that i can capture images that are exposed correctly.
I have found that the different locations also helped with this as i now know how to quickly alter my settings and what setting i need in order to expose correctly.
The use of the bounce card was extremely helpful and has transformed the images. I look forward to using it in the future

I will now take what i have learnt and apply it to my future shoots.


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Olivia Bates

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