Advanced Techniques and Procees 2B – Medium format vs Digital

Images found in outcome 3 of research folder

Comparing the images from the medium format and digital shoot i have discovered i prefer the quality of medium format.

Looking at both images –

medium format;

– strong quality and contrast
– controlled printing – split grade printing has resulted in image looking strong –
(shadows around hair, cheekbones and eyes. No more texture is needed within the jumper.)

whereas the digital print;

– images are closer up and show less information due to focal length (matched same as medium format)
– catch lights in eyes are good however shadows on the face are soft
– skin texture is good however contrast within the images is low

Overall the medium format images have more contrast and depth – this is due to been able to control the printing process and chose how i wanted it to look. Where as with the digital i struggled to focus/camera shake due to focal length and heavy lens – less information collected and images aren’t as detailed and eye catching.

I would use medium format in future if time management wasn’t an issue. Due to film processing process and checking negatives. Whereas digital is much quicker and you know if you need to alter exposure or other issues.


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Olivia Bates

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